Our Story

Formed in 1995, S.A.F.E. Inc. started as the gathering of small group of families affected by autism. The common motive among the group was to provide support and resources to one another and to the Community. Many of the members of the group had not been exposed to autism in the past. As they learned, experienced and shared, they were woven together as a family. That founding 'family' is what laid the foundation for what the organization is today - a powerful resource for children on the autism spectrum and their family members. Since the founding years, the organization has grown exponentially and has expanded to offer a well of knowledge, resources, advocacy, support, family events, extracurricular activities and so much more. The future planning and growth never stops and each member of the S.A.F.E. team work tirelessly to improve the autism experience for its members and their families. We believe that people living with autism can live full and purposeful lives. That belief empowers us to carry out our work every day. We are excited for your family to be woven into the beauty of our membership spectrum, join today!

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and empower families affected by autism spectrum disorders. We work to identify services and activities specfic to their needs. Our goal is to provide a sense of inclusion and opportunity for those families within the local community and the ASD community. 

Meet the Team

Each dedicated staff member and board member serves as a resource for our organization and its functions. 

Eileen Perchak

Executive Director


Peggy Durako    

Assistant Director


Stefanie Crothers

Outreach Coordinator


              Jeannine Morrissey 

            BS Graphic Design


Board Members 

All members of our board generously donate their time and talent

Dolphus Teart, President

Stefanie Crothers

Peggy Durako

Pat Gans

Michele Garis

Malinda Knipfer

Ray Ostroski

Eileen Perchak

Ed Price

Tara Priest Rhodes

Jeff Roth

Lindsay Rysz

Mary Schreibmaier

Kathy Bozinski 

George T. Shadie

Founding Member

Our Newsletter is carefully crafted to provide our subscribers with information and updates.

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S.A.F.E. Inc. 501(c)3 | 1325 N River Street Suite 104 Plains, PA 18705 | 570.822.7259 | safeoffice@autismsafe.org

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